Swimming off Edisto

Edisto Beach is known for its beauty, so it’s no surprise that every year thousands of visitors spend long and leisurely days in the sand and surf. However, there are no lifeguards anywhere along Edisto Beach, so swimmers should always know that they do so at their own risk.

To make sure your time in the Atlantic Ocean is safe, adhere to some basic rules of ocean safety:

  • Be mindful of currents and riptides. Even the most skilled swimmer can be caught up in strong currents and riptides. It is important to remain calm when caught up in a riptide and swim parallel to shower until the grip of the Riptide is broken.
  • Keep an eye on the tides by checking Edisto Beach Tide Charts online or by picking up a tide chart at the Bi-Lo, rental agencies, or other places of business in Edisto. The tides change every six hours, which means you’ll notice the water is either close to shore or farther away, depending on the tide.
  • Do not walk or climb on the groins that line each block of Edisto Beach. The groins are wood pilings surrounded by rocks and are designed to help prevent beach erosion. It can be very dangerous to swim near them as currents can cause swimmers to be injured if they are swept onto the barnacle-covered rocks.
  • Avoid swimming out past the breakers as it is easy to get exhausted quickly in the ocean.
  • Life rafts are located at each beach access.
  • Keep in mind that the ocean is home to many creatures. It is common to see fish jumping while swimming and dolphin make their presence known all throughout the day as they swim up and down the coast. Jellyfish stings become frequent from the end of July throughout September as this is the time when they spawn. Bring along baking soda to soothe a sting.
  • Call 911 for any emergencies.

Want to learn more about Edisto Beach? Head over to edistobeach.com!