It’s a simple fact that Edisto Beach has the best shrimp in the entire world

It’s a simple fact that Edisto Beach has the best shrimp in the entire world. It’s sweeter, juicier, and meatier than its counterparts anywhere else. That’s why when people come down to Edisto for vacation, they typically spend an inordinate amount of time trying to get their hands and mouths on these delicious little creatures.

That said, if you’re a true shrimp lover, you might want to try your hand at catching your own shrimp this year. You could buy a shrimp net and get some bait and head into the creeks to try your hand at some old school shrimp catching. It’s easy to do when you get the hang of it, but sometimes the shrimp just don’t seem to want to cooperate.

You could also check out Fontaine Charters and head out on the water with one of Edisto’s oldest seafood families. These charters will take you offshore for some juicy, big shrimp. Tackle and bait will be provided by Capt. Jimmy Skinner.

These offshore trips will also give participants a chance to see Edisto from the deep waters, which is truly spectacular. Heading out that deep will also give you a better opportunity to see more marine life including dolphins, sea turtles, jelly fish and maybe even some sharks.

If you’d rather spend more time eating shrimp and less time actually catching them, then visit one of Edisto’s many restaurants or seafood shops to get your fill. Local seafood is one of the best parts of visiting a beach town, and once you’ve tasted what Edisto has to offer, you’re never going to go back to frozen rings of shrimp in the grocery store.

Check out the peel-and-eat shrimp specials at The Waterfront or stop by Flowers Seafood on Highway 174 to cook up some shrimp at your beach house.

While you’re salivating thinking about shrimp, you might also want to spend some time digging in to some of Edisto blue crabs. Like the shrimp, Edisto blue crabs provide some of the best crab meat around. It’s sweet, plump and tastes phenomenal in some drawn butter with a little bit of fresh lemon.

You really can’t go wrong with any of Edisto’s fresh seafood, so take the time this year to try out restaurants and recipes you’ve never had before and experience true delight.

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