Edisto Island Bike Paths

Edisto Island Bike Paths

Grab a bicycle and get ready to explore the bike paths of beautiful Edisto Island. This barrier island has a beach town vibe that tunes into island time and allows you to enjoy a slow bike ride. The five-mile flat surface bike path has minimal traffic and is ideal for almost any type of children’s or adult bike. However, if your bike has thin tires, you might want to choose an option with wide tires to help you navigate smoothly throughout the path. 

If you did not bring bikes with you, make sure you pick up a rental at Island Bikes and Outfitters. Your bike path adventure begins at the northwest end of the beach near the Edisto Island Marina. There is parking available in this area, and it’s the perfect place to get started exploring. 

Ride your bike along Docksite Road for about a mile, where you will pass the Fairfield Plantation, then make a left on Jungle Road. Keep enjoying the ride as you follow the path through a residential neighborhood. This is where you will notice tree-lined streets that create a canopy allowing you to escape from busy city life. 

You will notice quaint homes and the peaceful tone of nature as you make your way down the path. Slowly riding your bike is recommended so you can soak up the fresh air and immerse yourself in nature. 

As you continue down the bike path, you will find tasty restaurants where you can stop and grab a bite. A great place to stop is the SeaCow Eatery. This eatery is welcoming and has an outdoor patio where you can relax and enjoy your meal. The picnic tables have umbrellas to protect you from the sun, making this the perfect place to stop for a rest. 

The paved bike path leads you to S.C 174 and a causeway that guides you to trails located inside Edisto Beach State Park. The path is easy to find; look for the signs pointing the way saying “bike route.” 

At this point, you can decide to take a break to eat and shop, or you can continue to explore the bike paths in Edisto Beach State Park. Whatever decision you make, remember you still have to bike five miles back to your car. However, as a visitor to Edisto Island, the Edisto Beach State Park is a must-see!

Assuming you decided to tap into your adventurous side and follow the bike path into Edisto Beach State Park, get ready to explore nature and history along the way. If the live oaks at this park could talk, they would whisper tons of historical details. 

Biking Trails in Edisto Beach State Park

The bike trails in the park are handicapped-friendly and welcome everyone to explore further into the park. The short 0.4 Big Bay trail brings you from the Education Center through the parking area near the boat ramp and guides you towards the Spanish Mount trail.  

 While you are riding along the Spanish Mount path, keep an eye out for a secluded bend on the creek, this is where a 4,000-year-old mysterious shell midden is located. Archeologists explored the area and found out it’s filled with oyster shells the Native Americans used for food and would shell alongside the creek. 

This historical hill of shells has been slowly disappearing into the river and will one day not exist anymore. If you get a chance, stop for a few minutes to capture a picture of this historical site along this 1.7-mile path before it’s gone for good. 

The 0.7 mile Scott Creek bike trail guides you through a maritime forest filled with the tallest palmetto trees in the state and live oaks. Slow down a bit on this trail so you can enjoy the trees and listen to the peaceful sound of the wind. This bike trail also connects to the Spanish trail mentioned earlier. 

The Bache Monument bike path is only 0.2 miles and winds along Big Bay Creek, guiding you towards the location of the historical monument. There are informative signs along the way to make sure you find your way to the granite monument that dates back to 1850. 

The Forest Loop bike trail is 0.5 miles and features a soft natural surface that guides you through the interior side of the maritime forest. If you ever wanted to get lost in an enchanted forest, this bike trail is for you! 

The Spanish moss that hangs from the live oak and palmetto trees is a natural sight you must see. It’s fun to slow down in this area or pull over to the side of the trail to stop and drink some water as you enjoy being surrounded by nature. 

While you are at the park, you can also enjoy fishing in the salt marsh, where you will find spot tail, whiting, flounder, and other species. You can also have a picnic at one of the shelters or find a spot on the beach to set up a blanket and basket. Swimming in the Atlantic Ocean is allowed, but it’s at your own risk since no lifeguards are available. 

You will spot plenty of wildlife along the trails, such as birds, turtles, bobcats, raccoons, white-tailed deer, opossums, dolphins, alligators, and more. The beach is filled with unique seashells that you can collect when you are in Edisto Beach State Park, but it’s prohibited in neighboring Botany Bay. 

Biking in Edisto Island is more than just a quick ride down a few paths. Instead, it’s filled with adventure, history, wildlife, and fun places to eat and shop. You will also meet other tourists and locals along the way to share your experience while on the bike paths. 

Don’t forget, Edisto Island is also home to incredible restaurants that feature your favorite Southern dishes on their menu year-round, so don’t forget to indulge in your favorite foods such as fried corn cakes, peaches, and cream pie, sautéed shrimp and okra, shrimp and grits and much more! 

Book your visit to Edisto Island today, and make sure these fantastic bike paths are on your itinerary!