Edisto Island Boating Regulations

Back in the 90s, small motorized watercraft was permitted to launch from the beach. Well, it’s not the 90s anymore. Sailboats, kayaks and non-motorized crafts can be launched and recovered from the beach. No watercrafts are permitted to be stored on the dunes or carried over the dunes to access the water.

State law prohibits any vessels from being operated in excess of idle speed within 50 people of a person, dock, pier, or anchored vessel. In addition, vessels are not permitted to be operated in excess of idle speed within 100 yards of the Atlantic Coast.

Motorized watercraft can be launched from the marina located at 3702 Docksite Road. Boat fuel is available from the marina or Edisto Watersports and Tackle located at 3731 Docksite Road.

There is no public docking available. Any arrangements for docking should be made prior to a vacation as there are limited options.